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The Einhell claims its first victim!

My shoulder and elbow were hurting. No yoga. Vicious cycle. I knew that sooner or later I'd have to get a proper tool to do the work. The time was now. So I ordered myself this beautifully designed Einhell mitre saw. Wow, it cuts through wood like a hot knife through butter, and the feeling is very shyok!

One morning as I turned it on before lowering it onto a piece of wood, the transparent saw guard started filling up with a strange pink paste that looked like strawberry smoothie. Immediately I switched it off. Drawing my face closer I inspected the pink mush. It smelt like rotten fish. Unable to remove the guard, I then reached for a wire, wrapped the end with tissue and proceeded to poke it into the guard to clean it.

The Einhell mitre saw - cuts wood and churns out a darn good smoothie too!

As I pushed the mush out, tiny bits of what looked like parts of the gut of a small animal stuck to the tissue. Oooh, this bit might be the gall bladder, or could it be the spleen? Dunno but it smelt like a corpse. Ugh, a cicak had found a comfy and warm bed for the night in the sawdust bag, and when I switched on the saw it must have panicked and run out of the bag straight into the space between the blade and the plastic guard. The strawberry smoothie was its blood mixed with fine sawdust. RIP, poor sod. I'm really sorry about that.

Relax, this wasn't from the Einhell. It was from the Stanley angle grinder. It shaves off layers of wood within seconds. What was I thinking, not wearing gloves? Since then I have not used power tools without gloves, a long sleeved shirt with sleeves buttoned and tucked into the gloves, and a visor. A bit maa-faan la, not to mention uncomfortable as it does get steamy and hot under all that protective stuff, but ... well worth the trouble!

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