Life is simple again.


    ... what came to mind was something Protima Gauri, an Odissi dancer, once said, "How does one start when one arrives in the middle of wilderness, armed with dreams." I scraped the barrel of what savings I had, and bought a piece of what was to be the first step of my dream. Since then, I have worked on this land and house little by little, doing things I had never done before, like making a bunk bed from salvaged wood I could barely lift; growing a compost heap and experiencing a joy that surprises me every time I put my hand in it and feel heat; planting seeds and watching shoots emerge; trying to fix a leaky pipe; trying to survive storms so merciless I sometimes scream at the sky; figuring out how to do things in an environment that allows you no control over it. I figure that I will always be figuring how to do things, unlearning and re-learning in order to live a more meaningful life than the one I had before. And in the process I wish to share this dream. So, if you are an artist, dancer, musician, writer, carpenter, potter, silversmith, jewellery designer, chef, sword maker, wood carver, gardener, any kind of artisan, or if you practice yoga and meditation, and want to experience the mother of surya namaskars, I invite you to join me in building this common vision of ours.

  • Sustainable Living

    To live as well as possible on

    limited resources is to be creative.

    All you need is the support of

    like-minded people.

    Be a part of a community

    that shares ideas and dreams,

    and to learn from.

    Do all that here, in this lovely place.



    187 acres of pesticide-free land, well, mostly.

    Durian, rambutan, mangosteen,

    jackfruit, papaya, pulasan trees.

    Anti-biotic/pesticide-free tilapia lakes.

    90 km from KL.

    Average night temperature 20-22°C.

    House accommodates up to 8 guests comfortably.

    Solar water heating system.





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    If you're thinking of conducting a workshop here, attending one, sending your kids for one, or if you just want to visit and chill, please shoot me a message! Cheers, Su Li.

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